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Biography Project:

*  The outline and requirements for the second grade biography project went home on Thu., February 7, 2019.  The project (poster board and report) are due on Mon., March 11, 2019.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. 

Homework:  Wed., February 13, 2019 -- Wednesday Study Night

*  Reread this week's story.

*  Math will be on adding and subtracting three and two digit numbers with regrouping.

*  Grammar Review

*  Vocabulary Review

Valentine's Day -- Thu., February 14, 2019

*  A printed class list with guidelines was sent home today, Tue., February 5, 2019.

*  We will distribute Valentine's on Thu., February 14th toward the end of the day. 

This Week In Mr. Arnayro's Class

* Reading:  Reading realistic fiction text - folktales/drama 

*  This week's story:  "Why The Sun And The Moon Live In The Sky"

* Math:   Adding and subtracting three digit numbers with regrouping 

* Vocabulary:  Vocabualry Review -- growth, layers, steep, island, holler, victory, costume, favorite

* Grammar:  Grammar Review :  Irregular Verbs -- go, do, say, tell, see, come, run, hid, hit, sing, sit    Helping Verbs -- have, has, had, am, are, is, was, were     Linking Verbs -- is, are, am, was, were    Abbrebiations  -- Dr., Mrs., St., Mrs., Ave., Mr.


Mr. A's biographical and contact information and the class 'wish list' are posted online.

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