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Biography Project:

*  Please bring in your biography book so that we can work on reports tomorrow, Tue., March 5, 2019 in class.  The board and the memorized report is due on Mon., March 11, 2019.  I cannot listen to al the oral reports on Mon., March 11, 2019 so be prepared to give reports as follows:   

Mon., March 11, 2019 -- Athina, Mattox, Isaiah, Izaac, Aliyana, Tony, Jameson Y., Alan

Tue., March 12, 2019 -- Abby, Sehlest, Eliza, Sophi, Jameson G., Andrew, Veronica,  Alyicia 

Wed., March 13, 2019 -- Lily, Julienne, Gilbert, Ivan, Natalie, Ayden, Jayden,

*  The outline and requirements for the second grade biography project went home on Thu., February 7, 2019.  The project (poster board and report) are due on Mon., March 11, 2019.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. 

Homework:  Tue., March 5, 2019

*  Homework is on-line. 

This Week In Mr. Arnayro's Class

* Reading:  Reading realistic fiction

*  This week's story:  "Once Upon A Baby Brother"

* Math:   Adding and subtracting three digit numbers with regrouping -- Word Problems

* Vocabulary:  Vocabualry -- amused, cooperate, describe, entertained, imagination, interact, patient, peaceful

* Grammar:  pronouns:  I, me, we, us      structural analysis:  consonant + le (el, al)


Mr. A's biographical and contact information and the class 'wish list' are posted online.

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