About the Online Homework Gateway

The People

The core concepts and source code for this Online Homework Gateway were developed by Charles Hartley and Randolph Arnayro over the summer of 2009, to meet the specific needs of Mr. Arnayro as an elementary school teacher in Temecula, California.

Mr. Hartley is a practicing attorney in San Marcos, California, who has worked on websites for personal interests and in freelance projects since 1997. He also takes on occasional freelance writing and photography projects, and is an alumnus of UC Berkeley and the University of Idaho.

Mr. Arnayro is an elementary school teacher in Temecula, California, where he has been teaching more than 15 years. He is a proud alumnus of San Diego State University, U.S. International University, and Lesley University, where he received his M.Ed for Fine Arts integration into the curriculum in 2011. He receives e-mail at rarnayro@tvusd.k12.ca.us

The Legal Stuff

All original content is copyright 2009-2018 by Charles Hartley and Randolph Arnayro. Included photographs for writing prompts are all copyright Charles Hartley and Randolph Arnayro, but licensed for use with this system, including within homework assignments that may be printed for student convenience, by all authorized users. All four photos in the 'Space' theme are copyright free, credited to "NASA/courtesy of nasaimages.org."

This system incorporates TinyMCE as a Javascript WYSIWIG editor. No separate claims are made for TinyMCE, which is graciously and thankfully included under the terms of their GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL license). TinyMCE has been expanded through implementation of the Equation Editor plugin, copyright CodeCogs 2013, written by Will Bateman, and graciously used under GNU general public license.

The Purpose

To allow teachers to spend more time and less paper on teaching the curriculum of their choice while incorporating multimedia options not available or convenient in a printed format. Providing for faster feedback from the teacher to the students and expanded opportunities for parental awareness of student progress and achievements.


Information collected here is used by teachers in the administration of their classrooms, the education of their students, and communication with the parents of those students. Specific questions about how that information is used by the teacher should be addressed to the individual teacher. The site administrators want you to know that data such as IP numbers and browser specifications from visitors to the site is collected and used only for diagnostic purposes and to administer the site. No information collected is sold or given to any third party.


Please contact Mr. Hartley with any suggestions, feature requests or to discuss options for use in additional classrooms.

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